Sensory Hand Muffs for dementia therapy

Two smiling elderly women standing side by side, holding handmade crafts.

Royal Freemasons sale is fortunate to have two talented residents who are fabulous knitters – Nola Scott and Norma Jackson. This ‘dynamic duo’ started knitting in earnest as soon as Lifestyle Coordinator Pamela Bruder inspired them with the idea of knitted hand muffs for residents in the Memory Support Unit.

A therapeutic hand muff, sometimes known as a twiddle muff, is a sensory comfort for those with restless hands, generally a simple knitted muff using different yarn textures and colours.

Accessories such as beads, buttons and ribbons are then attached inside and outside to provide even more tactile stimulation. Residents with dementia can be soothed by having something to keep their hands occupied.

The hand muffs provide a source of visual, tactile and sensory stimulation at the same time as keeping hands snug and warm.

Nola and Norma did a lot of brainstorming to come up with unique and creative designs and, in no time at all, the ladies were knitting away, comparing notes with each other and other residents.

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