Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

• Occupational therapy
• Nursing support
• Group exercise programme

What is the Commonwealth Home Support Programme?

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) is an entry-level, in-home support program for older people who need assistance and services to live independently and safely at home. CHSP is intended to provide short-term support for people recovering from surgery or a fall or low-level ongoing service while you wait for a Home Care Package to be assigned.

A woman with a walker and a woman with a cane in a residential aged care facility.

Our CHSP services


Our qualified and compassionate nursing staff will come to your home and provide short-term support with:

  • wound management
  • diabetes management
  • medication management
  • continence management
  • dementia care and support
  • stomal therapy.

Occupational therapy (OT)

Our occupational therapist (OT) will visit you to discuss how you are managing everyday activities at home and in the community. After a thorough assessment of your home environment, the OT will recommend and organise equipment, strategies and modifications (such as grab rails or ramps) to help you to live safely and independently at home. 

Group exercise program

Held in our Wellness Centre in the heart of Melbourne, our group exercise program will help you build strength and mobility.

A physiotherapist will first assess your strength, movement and balance and then provide a tailored exercise program to improve your mobility. They will also undertake regular reviews of your program and make the right adjustments to enhance your recovery.

Our group exercise programs are held every week.

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Pricing and fees

While these services are mainly subsidised through the CHSP, we do charge a small fee. Pricing is flexible depending on individual circumstances.

Am I eligible for CHSP funding and how do I apply for it?

While our team are happy to guide you through this process, here are three steps you will need to complete to apply for CHSP funding.

Step 1: Check your eligibility and apply through My Aged Care
Basic eligibility for Australian Government-funded services requires you to be:

  • aged 65 or more years old, or 50 years or more for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • still living at home
  • having difficulty with daily living and needing help to continue living independently.

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, you can apply for the Commonwealth Home Support Program through the Government’s My Aged Care service.

You can either:

Step 2: My Aged Care assessment
You will then be contacted by telephone for a confidential discussion with an approved My Aged Care assessor, who will ask you some questions.

Your answers will help them determine your suitability for the program and the level of support you need. If you require further support, they may direct you to a Home Care Package.

The assessor may then lock in a suitable time to visit you at your home. You can have a family member or friend present at this meeting, if you wish.

If the assessor approves your funding at this meeting, they will give you a unique referral code(s) to access services in Step 3.

Step 3: Access care and support services
You can now start organising any eligible services through Royal Freemasons and other relevant providers.

Call 1800 756 091 to have a discussion with our supportive team about what services are right for you.

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Why choose Royal Freemasons?

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Consistent staff who know and understand you

You’ll see the same friendly faces every day, enabling us to better understand your needs, choices, goals and stories. We build personalised relationships with you and your loved ones, becoming an extended part of your family.

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Making every day your best day

Throughout all aspects of our service delivery – from practical care to your daily activities, your specific choices are top of mind – all provided with a caring, timely and effective approach so that every day can be a great one.

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Fostering connection and community

We understand the importance of meaningful connections – every one of our locations and services strives to foster and drive community relationships so you can experience true sense of belonging.

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A full spectrum of tailored services

Whatever your care needs are, we can meet them with our full suite of care services including retirement and independent living, home care, residential aged care,  dementia-specific care, aged care respite, transition care, wellness services and palliative care.

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We’re driven for you, by people like you

As a registered non-profit organisation, any profits received are invested back into care and service delivery so we can continue to meet your needs in a sustainable way.

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156 years of experience and understanding

Since 1867, we have been caring for Victorians who may need a little more support to continue living secure, dignified and rewarding lives.