The Ken Evans Story “Take me Away”

Four men engaged in a discussion while looking at a booklet together.

Early this year, ken agreed to share his life story, capturing his active working and sporting life, through our volunteer biographer from beyond words. It took more than ten weeks to finish his book, bringing back a lot of happy memories.

In his memoir, Ken recalls helping his parents during his early childhood by starting a morning paper round that required pushing a two-wheeled wooden cart up to the railway station to collect 100 newspapers!

Then he would dash along the streets, rolling papers into letterboxes or throwing them with precision onto verandas out of the rain.

Royal Freemasons is proud to have Ken in our care. His positive attitude to life reminds us all to smile and laugh every single day.

Ken has enjoyed a long relationship with Freemasonry. He served as Worshipful Master from 1984 to 1985 of Bentleigh East Lodge 482 and over the past three years he has been a popular resident at Gregory Lodge.

“Take Me Away” is a wonderful story of a young man’s journey through life and was recently launched at an afternoon tea, hosted by Manager Gillian Chin, where Ken was joined by family and friends.

As a final gesture, Ken has decided to donate his body to the University Medical faculty to earn what he calls his ‘snuff-it-degree’.

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