The advantage of staying in touch

Two elderly individuals learning to use a tablet device with assistance.

There is mounting evidence that older persons can gain enormous benefit from the use of digital technology.

Royal Freemasons launched a fundraising Appeal in the Summer of 2013 aimed at equipping residents with digital tablets.

The benefits of this technology are directly related to health, in the form of information and social engagement by allowing older persons to keep in touch with family and friends, through online initiatives such as photo sharing
and email.

In addition, the endless variety of educational and entertainment opportunities provide great stimulation for the mind and the pleasure of connecting to a world of new ideas and information.

The ‘For You For Life’ Appeal 2013 has been a great success. Readers of The Link Newsletter will recall our objective was to build a fund that would allow us to purchase digital tablets for residents.

In excess of $34,000 was raised which enabled the first 25 iPads and peripherals to be purchased. These are now in place and trialled at Coppin Centre, supported by volunteers, staff and the Apple business team before being rolled out to other sites.

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