Robotic Seal Inventor

Four plush seal toys on a white background.

Mr Shibata organised to visit our Copin Centre facility to personally reinforce how technology can play an important role in delivering a better quality of life for people in aged care.

Invented by Mr Takanori Shibata a visiting Professor of the Tokyo Institute of Technology and a visiting Fellow of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this robotic seal was speci cally developed as a therapeutic device to assist people managing dementia and has been successfully used worldwide to provide calming and caring of aged persons. Mr Shibata has been awarded world claim for his development and is recorded in the Guinness Book of world records as the nest device ever developed for this work. Research has found that this scientific tool has been extremely benefcial for dementia residents who have known behaviours such as agitation, wandering and aggression and who are resistive to standard intervention practices.

With that research in mind, the Paro seal was the focus of our 2015 Appeal. Generous benefactors Aya and Keith Thornton were invited by Royal Freemasons to assist with this innovative Appeal and they kindly gave their support to help purchase an initial eight Therapeutic Robot Seals for our aged care customers who are managing their dementia.

The robot reacts to the attention given by a person as if it was a child and has been shown to have very excellent therapeutic effects on the wellbeing of the individual. The initial rollout of the Paro seals has commenced and an implementation of a trial that we will be continually monitoring in order to evaluate and instigate further rollouts to other customers to help improve their quality of life.

One of the robots in the hands of a resident at the Coppin Centre.


Group of five individuals posing for a photo with a white plush bear on a table in front.
From Bottom Left: Marcos Votzourakis and resident Mr Keith Thornton 

From Top Left: Yuji Miyoshi, General Manager Kowa Australia (PARO distributor), Christina Chia, Executive Officer Royal Freemasons, Professor Takanori Shibata, inventor of PARO.

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