Meet the Knit Wits

Two elderly women sitting on a sofa, each holding handmade stuffed toys.
Above: Bridget and Olive with some of their knitted Teddies

Our assisted living village in Ballarat, Canadian Pines, is famous for its community spirit!

Sometimes you just need a hug, right? That’s why our much-loved Trauma Teddy is so appreciated by children and adults alike who are experiencing a traumatic situation – like going to hospital for surgery or suffering some form of distress.

Members of the Canadian Pines’ knitting group, the Knit Wits Club, meet every Friday for a chat, a cuppa and to work together on a knitting project – these days it’s Trauma Teddies.

The club has already donated to Berry Street, a community service organisation that has protected at-risk children since it was founded in 1877. They have also sent some to the Calvary Central Districts Hospital in Elizabeth Vale, SA and received a lovely letter from their CEO, saying they will continue to warmly welcome teddies at any time.

The group says that they are excited to be knitting as many as they can, each with their own personality. Our teddies provide comfort and help take people’s minds off their worries. Trauma
Teddies are lovingly hand-crafted – knitted, stuffed, sewn together and labelled. The teddy family keeps growing and are proudly on show in the front foyer of Canadian Pines.

Thanks to all of our wonderful Knit Wits. It is fantastic to see what creations are being added to the collection.

Keep up the great work!

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