Web2TV at Coppin

Logo of webtv, depicted with large white letters on a blue background.

The Web2TV service for aged care and retirement villages aims to inform, engage and entertain residents at Royal Freemasons residential care homes.

The Internet Television service, being launched at Coppin Centre, is a great way to keep residents, staff and visitors informed about daily activities, visiting health services, special events and even changing kitchen menus. Family and friends are able to use email, the web or a smartphone app to post photos and messages that are then screened for all to enjoy subject to their permission.

The service allows staff to update information at any time and the service can be delivered to all customers’ rooms and shared
lounge areas.

As part of the Web2TV service, residents will also have access to news, trivia and specialised radio networks, and a second dedicated video channel.
A library of specialised content, custom tailored to residents’ needs is also on offer for use as lifestyle activities.

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