TV Mini-series continued success

A television screen displaying an advertisement for royal freemasons with the slogan "homes that care" featuring images of elderly individuals.

‘Royal Freemasons Homes that Care’ mini-series on Channel 31 has screened for a third season, following the success of the first two series.

The latest mini-series is a compilation of stories shown in the previous two series alongside new material featuring Coppin Suites, the new apartment-style residential accomodation at Coppin Centre.

The second series boasted a viewing audience in excess of 307,000 across the three time slots for its 13-week run. The television series has proven to be an innovative way to help the community appreciate the world of aged care through the eyes of our customers, families, volunteers and staff.

Set of three educational dvds on aged care services offered by royal freemasons, available for purchase at $29.95.

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