Turning gardens into “living” rooms for customers

A tranquil pond with lush greenery and a fish swimming near the surface.

Our ‘For You For Life’ Garden Therapy Appeal Winter 2014 is already blossoming with more than $37,500 raised since the appeal was launched.

This money will go towards the creation of stunning outdoor-living spaces that play a vital role in helping our customers stay well and enjoy life.

Planning for the specific use of these funds is now in progress with a sensory garden for the dementia area at Gregory Lodge, for example, in final design with support from experts in this field.

Ornamental spherical fountain surrounded by shrubs in a formal garden setting.The intention is for our gardens to be designed as sensory rooms; areas where residents can sit or walk, and smell, hear and feel the outdoors. These will include serene water features, such as fountains and fish ponds where appropriate.

Other outdoor rooms will also be developed to incorporate veggie patches that fulfill special needs, along with areas for propagating plants and working with the earth.

These “living” rooms are aimed at enhancing the existing gardens at Royal Freemasons, making them even more engaging and rewarding for our customers.

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