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A new Royal Freemasons appeal focuses on better quality of life for customers with dementia through the use of PARO Interactive Therapeutic Robot Seals.

Three people interacting with a robotic pet in a comfortable indoor setting.

The 2015 Appeal aims to raise funds to purchase some of the first therapeutic robot seals to arrive in Australia. The Therapeutic Robot Seals are designed to stimulate and comfort people with dementia. They can recognise light and dark, experience the sensation of being touched or held, and recognise the direction of voice and words, such as its name, greetings and praise.

They respond through interaction with people, moving their head and legs, making sounds and learning to behave in a way the user prefers. They even imitate the voice of a real baby harp seal and respond to their name.

Some of the benefits include reduction in customer and caregiver stress, greater interaction between customers and caregivers, improved relaxation and motivation, and improved socialisation of customers.

Help us to provide ‘Paro’ for our dementia customers.

You can make donations here.

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