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Independent Living Units

Live among a community you’ll quickly come to enjoy with our independent living unit developments. Constructed with safety, security, comfort and affordability in mind, you have the freedom to enjoy your life the way you want it, close to family and friends.

Whether you want a private lifestyle or the benefits of like-minded friendships, our independent living units offer you the freedom to choose.

Free from the stresses and costs of maintaining a large property, you can enjoy an independent lifestyle doing your own shopping, cooking and cleaning, safe in the knowledge that Royal Freemasons has a range of support services and facilities at hand.

Because we have many homes in a range of locations throughout Victoria, it is likely that a move into one of our independent living units will mean you can stay close to family and friends, in a local community you know well.

Please note, that due to overwhelming demand in some of our independent living communities, we are currently waitlisting enquiries until a property becomes available. Our waitlist times can be anywhere between 2–12 months. You can be added to our waitlist using the online form below. By submitting this form, you are providing consent for Royal Freemasons to contact you to keep you updated on available properties.

We also have some a number of properties located within our Retirement Living Communities available so feel free to check in there.

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Geelong: Acacia Court, Geelong 159 Wilsons Road, Geelong VIC 3220 View more
Irymple: Banksia Court, Irymple 2091 Fifteenth Street, Irymple VIC 3498 View more
Carnegie: Boyd Court, Carnegie 1160 Dandenong Road, Carnegie VIC 3163 View more
Mooroopna: Goulburn Court, Mooroopna 45 McKean Street, Mooroopna VIC 3629 View more
Preston: Jacaranda Court, Preston 551 Murray Road, Preston VIC 3072 View more
Brunswick: Marjorie Nunan Court, Brunswick 433 Brunswick Road, Brunswick VIC 3056 View more
Brunswick: Marjorie Nunan Terrace, Brunswick 475 Brunswick Road, Brunswick VIC 3056 View more
Swan Hill: Murray Gardens Court, Swan Hill 110 Stradbroke Avenue, Swan Hill VIC 3585 View more

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