Day of remembrance

Sailors in uniform walking through a room with seated elderly individuals during a visitation event.

Darvall Lodge marked the centennial of the dawn landings at Gallipoli on ANZAC Day.

Residents and their family members were joined by representatives of HMAS Cerberus and children from the neighbouring Harrisfield Primary School for the solemn occasion.

This year, HMAS Cerberus not only provided a Cenotaph Guard, consisting of five sailors and their commander, but also a guest speaker.
Everyone at Darvall Lodge found this year’s event particularly moving as it commemorated the 100-year anniversary of the ANZAC landing
at Gallipoli.

Each person at Darvall Lodge was presented with a sprig of rosemary to wear for the day.

Darvall Lodge gave the occasion due recognition in a sincere and meaningful way, with many moved to tears, particularly by the recitation of the poem “Sir” by two students from Harrisfield Primary.

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