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Understanding Aged Care

Understanding Aged Care

Whether considering options for yourself, a parent, partner or loved one, the choices you’re faced with can be overwhelming. Like most people, this will probably be the first time you’ve considered aged care at such a personal level and, of course, you want to know that the decisions you’re making will be the right ones for everyone involved.

There are so many options, so many different names and so many directions to turn. Thankfully, with more than 150 years of experience in providing for the needs of elderly Victorians, at Royal Freemasons, we know that there is only one thing you care about. You want to make sure you or your loved one receives the care, compassion and respect they deserve.

We know that during a difficult time for you and your family, the advice you need has to be simple, honest, informed and specific to your individual requirements. For that reason, we take the time to explain where others assume, we listen when others talk and we continue to do what we’ve been doing since 1867 by following a philosophy of care that guides us to this day. We are a not-for-profit organisation, which means our only investment is in the customers we care for. Our unique and ongoing commitment to innovation and quality sets us apart from other aged care providers; and we are widely recognised for our leadership in aged care research and innovation.

Our services

We understand you want to lead a dignified and rewarding life and that you need to feel secure and supported. It is this recognition of your individual and unique needs that makes Royal Freemasons different. We care for older Victorians through our services

A black bench sits in the middle of a grassy area at a residential aged care facility.

Residential aged care homes

A woman helping an older woman with her clothes in a nursing home.

Home care service

A driveway leading to an aged care home in a residential area.

Retirement living

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Independent living units

We are ready to provide you with information about our services as well as the type and level of care you need at the most affordable price.

Accredited Services

All Royal Freemasons Residential Aged Care Homes and in-Home Care services are fully accredited by the Commonwealth Government’s Quality Agency. This ensures high quality, safe care is provided by qualified staff in our pleasant, well maintained premises or in your own home. We take pride in what we do and are vigilant in maintaining our fully accredited status.

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Fostering Independence

Royal Freemasons is committed to enabling our clients to stay as independent as possible, for as long as possible whilst staying connected to the people and things they love. As a not-for-profit charitable organisation, we are focused on investing using any surpluses we make to further enhance our services to our customers, ensuring you feel comfortable and are able to live a secure, dignified and rewarding life.

Our independent living units and premium retirement apartments will suit you if you are looking to downsize or simply seeking a new beginning within a community close to friends, family and your hobbies.

Home care may be a suitable option if you would perhaps be eligible for residential care but would prefer to remain in your own home for as long as possible. Or if you simply need an extra set of hands to help with your everyday tasks. Programs are individually tailored to your needs, circumstances and preferences. Home care is available to most individuals of any age, through a range of funding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

An older woman sitting on a couch in a nursing home, looking at a piano.

The Five Step process for Residential Aged Care

If you and your family have made the decision that Residential Aged Care is right for you, to move into an aged care home because it is no longer possible for you to manage at home without assistance, there are five steps you will need to follow before you are ready to move in.

Step 1: Assessment
To enter residential aged care you need to be in possession of a care assessment dated pre 1 July 2015 or be assessed by the contact centre staff at ‘My Aged Care’, the new government team who now coordinate all assessments for residential aged care that is government subsidised.

If you were not assessed for your care needs before 1 July 2015, you must contact the My Aged Care team on 1800 200 422 or log onto their web site at to have an assessment before Royal Freemasons can sign an agreement with you to admit you to one of our residential facilities permanently or for short term respite care.

We are happy to discuss your care options at Royal Freemasons with you before you take this first step, without obligation. We will be happy to go through our range of care options so you can make an informed, no obligation choice and we can put a plan into action.

Your lifestyle and health needs will be taken into account when the My Aged Care team are determining your suitability for a place in residential aged care.

Home Care needs are also assessed in the same way.

Contact the team at My Aged Care by calling 1800 200 422 or log onto their web site at

The My Aged Care team will discuss your current care needs and together with you will develop a plan for your care that may involve Home Care or Residential Care.

Eligibility can be assessed for:

  • Care needs where you are still able to mostly look after yourself but need some support with everyday daily tasks like meals, laundry and cleaning.
  • Care needs where assistance will be provided to you for most daily activities as well as care from registered nurses (or carers under their supervision). This can include secure dementia care for those assessed clinically as requiring this extra level of care.
  • Respite care for short term care or
  • Home Care where services are provided to you in your own home by our staff. These range from help with housework to nursing care and allied health support such as physiotherapy or podiatry.

The My Aged Care team assessment will determine what you will be eligible to receive under the Government’s funded programs.

We’re happy to discuss all this with you with no obligation on your part at any time.

Step 2: Finding a suitable home
Choosing a new home or aged care facility is an important decision that you won’t make lightly. The level of care you require, in addition to seeking a familiar community, proximity to family and friends, and any other additional services you require, are all factors you must take into consideration when making this decision.

You are welcome to visit any, or all, of the Royal Freemasons facilities when making your decision. A no obligation tour can be arranged by contacting our Access Team on 1300 623 642.

Step 3: Weighing up the costs
The level of care you require, the home you choose, the date you move in, whether or not you are a pensioner, whether or not you own a home, and the level of your income and assets will determine the contribution you will be asked to make to the costs associated with your care and accommodation at Royal Freemasons.

We are a not-for-profit charitable organisation. We can explain what charges you will have to pay and work with you to determine what you can afford subject to a formal assessment of your income and assets by the Government.

Our expert team can help explain the likely costs you will incur and the options for payment that are available.

There are options to pay for your accommodation by a lump sum known as a Refundable Accommodation Deposit or Contribution as a Daily Accommodation Payment or Contribution, depending on level of assets as well as personal choice regarding lump sum or daily payment. It is not always necessary to contribute a lump sum like a bond. It is possible to enter care paying in a variety of ways to enable it to be accessible to all.

In all instances there are three components to the charges:

1. Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) or Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) – this is payment for the building in which you will live. Each provider publishes the costs of every room in every home on their own website and on the My Aged Care website.

2. Daily Care Fee – payment for the care you will receive and is payable by everyone and the fee is set by the government at 85% of the level of the aged pension.

3. Means Tested Care Fee – payable by some people as assessed by the government and depends on the outcome of an income and assets assessment.

Royal Freemasons is an approved provider of Department of Health and Ageing’s Aged Care Services and so many of the services we provide are subsidised by the Government. To access a subsidy, a care needs assessment and an income and assets assessment by the Government through the My Aged Care team is required.

For more details, call 1800 200 422 or look at the website:

Step 4: Putting in an application for residential aged care
Once assessed by My Aged Care you will be given an assessment reference number which you can give to Royal Freemasons so we can complete the process of finding you suitable accommodation for your preferred location and to suit your care needs.

Contact our Access Team on 1300 623 642 for assistance with this step or talk to the Manager at your chosen location. You will have met them or another senior member of staff when you went for your initial tour.

They will provide you with the appropriate forms and help to complete them if you need a hand. They will then advise if a room is immediately available. If not, you will need to be added to our short waiting list for the next available opportunity or will be asked if you would like to consider another one of our homes.

Step 5: Moving in
When you have been formally offered a residential care place by the Manager of our Access Team – and you have accepted the offer – you will need to complete the remaining entry documents and sign a Resident Agreement, and we will work together to determine a ‘move in’ date. WE can assist you with all of the documentation.

You can also discuss with our Access Team or the Manager of the home you have chosen the personal items you might like to bring. They will also discuss visitors (including pets), and the settling in process.

We are on hand to make sure your move is as smooth as possible. On the day you arrive, you will be personally met by Royal Freemasons staff and given an orientation to your new home and all of the services on offer.

Our Access Team and the Manager and staff at your chosen location are there to help you and to answer any questions you may have about care provided at Royal Freemasons.

An older woman, living in a retirement home, picking up a plant in a garden.

Why choose Royal Freemasons?

A woman smiling at an elderly woman in a yellow shirt at a retirement home.

Consistent staff who know and understand you

You’ll see the same friendly faces every day, enabling us to better understand your needs, choices, goals and stories. We build personalised relationships with you and your loved ones, becoming an extended part of your family.

A woman serving food to a group of elderly people in a retirement home.

Making every day your best day

Throughout all aspects of our service delivery – from practical care to your daily activities, your specific choices are top of mind – all provided with a caring, timely and effective approach so that every day can be a great one.

A group of elderly people at a residential aged care facility are making crafts at a table.

Fostering connection and community

We understand the important of meaningful connections – every one of our locations and services strives to foster and drive community relationships so you can experience true sense of belonging.

A woman is sewing with an older woman in a retirement home on a sewing machine.

A full spectrum of tailored services

Whatever your care needs are, we can meet them with our full suite of care services including retirement and independent living, home care, residential aged care,  dementia-specific care, aged care respite, transition care, wellness services and palliative care.

An elderly woman is playing a piano in a nursing home.

We’re driven for you, by people like you

As a registered non-profit organisation, any profits received are invested back into care and service delivery so we can continue to meet your needs in a sustainable way.

A white nursing home with trees in front of it.

150 years of experience and understanding

Since 1867, caring for Victorians that may need a little a bit more support to live their best day in continue to live secure, dignified and rewarding lives.