Springtime Sydenham thanks Marandar Ladies Group

Five individuals seated in a row against a blue wall underneath a colorful painting of trees.
From left: Michael Lim - Manager; Pam Andrews, Karen Coyler, Ann Cartright of the Marandar Ladies Group; Christina Chia - Executive Officer

In January, Springtime Sydenham hosted a lunch to acknowledge members of the Marandar ladies group of the United Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Victoria for their generous donation of a couch.

The lunch was attended by Managers, Michael Lim and Kristy Lim, Executive Officer, Christina Chia, representative of the Marandar Ladies Group: Ann Cartwright, Karen Colyer and Pam Andrews accompanied by their partners, John Cartwright and Barry Colyer (past Grand Masters of the United Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Victoria.)

The couch has been a welcome addition to the environment of the reception area and Christina thanked the members of the Marandar Ladies Group for their generous donation and ongoing support of Royal Freemasons. A guided tour of the facility provided informative and interesting activities for residents of Springtime Lodge.

The Marandar Ladies Group commented “It was wonderful to see the residents using the couch sitting reading the paper when we arrived and to hear that staff and residents really appreciated the new addition to their foyer.”

This collaborative effort by the Marandar Ladies Group and the United Grand Lodge of Mark Masters Masons once again highlights that care, compassion and respect have been at the heart of Royal Freemasons since it was founded as a charitable organisation in 1867.

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