Ninety-three year old freemason Eddie has his own little, much-loved corner at Coppin Centre, now known as ‘ed’s shed’. His hobby of crafting handmade wooden items like sporting plaques, home décor, and signs is not only great fun for him, residents often drop by to have a chat and see what he is making.

Ed has converted the space to become a welcoming meeting room with his creations exhibited throughout the place.

“Mr. Fix-it”, as he is fondly known by friends and residents, is a handyman who can repair just about anything. He accepts orders and charges a small amount just to offset the production cost.

Ed’s family is very happy to visit him, to see him enjoying his passion. His niece, Yvonne, commented that he looks and feels 20 years younger and says there is nothing better than seeing him happy with what he is doing!