On Sunday 2nd December 2018, Royal Freemasons hosted a very special event – an open day at our new aged care home in Moe. Chairman of the Royal Freemasons Board of Directors, Ian Wollermann described to guests, “It is a state- of-the-art facility. Every new development, we tweak and build it better, we’re always looking for continuous improvement.”

Since it officially started taking residents on 10th December, the Home is already proving popular with locals and their families.

“We’re already one big happy family in such a short space of time and we’re hoping that will extend to the residents that come and join us here,” said Manager of the Moe Home, Jacqui Moulder.

One guest said, “It’s great to see new and friendly faces. My mum really loves meeting new people.”

Come along, one and all!

The event was attended by Latrobe City Councillors and other dignitaries, plus local media as well as hundreds of individuals and families from the local Moe community and surrounding towns, all keen to see the outstanding service offering.

Throughout the day, guests enjoyed relaxing music played by the Latrobe Valley Orchestra string quartet, while enjoying complimentary tea, coffee, cakes and sausages.

A tour of the 144-room Home, seeing the intimate dining areas, library, chapel, café, playground and BBQ courtyards, was enjoyed by many. And, at the conclusion of the event, visitors were surprised with a special visit from the Moe Country Fire Association.

Open days at our Homes are all about connecting people. We want to enrich the lives of older Victorians by reminding everyone that Royal Freemasons’ Homes are vital to their communities, are filled with unique, charming characters and are run by special, compassionate people who really do care.