Our one mission is to assist our customers to live a secure, dignified and rewarding life through the provision of a range of quality care, services and accommodation options across our continuum of care. To support this mission, we are growing our culture of care and compassion in Ballarat in a number of ways.

Royal Freemasons Ballarat has expanded from a 42-bed residential aged care home to a 90-bed home, which is due for completion in stages from July 2018 to June 2019.

Royal Freemasons Ballarat has a long history of providing premium residential care and is now focused on providing care to customers in a homelike environment.

Co- located with Royal Freemasons Ballarat is Canadian Pines Senior Assisted Living, to be launched by the end of 2018.

As a longstanding provider of high-quality services, we embrace the concept of ageing in place - a term used to describe a person living in a residence of their choice as-long-as they are able.

The expansion of our exceptional In-Home Care services will see a new home care hub in Ballarat. This base will serve older persons in their own home, helping them with activities ranging from simple household tasks through to providing palliative care to ensure they able to stay in their own home and close to loved ones.

This new venture will ensure that all our customers in the Ballarat area are supported through their later life journey as their needs change and diversify.