Making a difference … a syringe driver donation

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The Royal Freemasons aged care facility in Sale has received a syringe driver, which will aid in palliative care, from Gippsland Lodge No. 51. Pictured is lodge

Demonstrating the generosity and community spirit for which they are renowned, freemasons Gippsland lodge no. 51 donated a key piece of clinical equipment to the Royal Freemasons aged care home in Sale. Representatives from the Lodge, Community Engagement Officer, Liam Cole, and Secretary, Dr Iain Nicolson, handed over a syringe driver to the Manager of Royal Freemasons Sale, to be used in palliative care. Syringe drivers are small infusion pumps that can cost up to $4000.

The lodge raised much of the money itself, assisted by Freemasons Foundation Victoria. Dr Iain Nicolson said the syringe driver delivers a steady flow of medication over a 24-hour period.

“We use these in palliative care, and we might deliver an analgesic such as morphine, and a calmative, and something to stop nausea — it’s mixed together in the syringe. The dose is given at an even rate over the period,” he said.

“That makes managing a palliative resident so much easier. It’s a vital piece of equipment and of great benefit to the resident.”

The Manager added that having another syringe driver, the facility’s second, would provide comfort to residents and their families.

“It’s about the comfort and dignity of those in our care throughout their

life and supporting them through end-of-life stages. It also brings a lot of support to the family, knowing that they are not in any pain and not suffering — that’s so important,”
she said.

“You see the relief on their faces knowing their loved one is not in any pain, and they can enjoy the time, which is precious time, with them.”

She said the support from the community was very much appreciated. “It really needs to be acknowledged what the lodges do for us here at Royal Freemasons; the support from them is invaluable.”

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