Chairman’s Message … looking back to look forward

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As Royal Freemasons celebrates its 150th anniversary from mid-June, we are reminded, not only of where we’ve come from, but also of the need to consider carefully the road ahead.

Since 1867, we have consistently led the way, in helping older persons to live secure, dignified and rewarding lives. For You, For Life has long been our commitment to our customers.

It is a theme that resonates with me very personally as it reflects on our founding and on-going commitment to providing innovative, thoughtful and exceptional care to our elders. All of these years later, as a guiding light, that spirit has never burned brighter.

A story on page 8 of this edition of The Link provides information on how we plan to commemorate this exceptional birthday. Our celebration of the Homes Open Day will be a significant time to reflect on what this major milestone means to us, our employees, our industry partners, our communities and our wonderful clients and residents.

While the excitement grows around this momentous accomplishment, it is important to remember that our dedication to sharing a bond of goodwill and service with each other is as strong as ever. Few Australian institutions have reached our age.

In our sector, and as a not-for-profit organisation, it is an especially remarkable achievement, and one we are proud to share.

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