Honouring Marcello’s last wish

A woman holds a photo of her grandmother in front of a picture frame at a residential aged care facility.
A woman holds a photo of her grandmother in front of a picture frame at a residential aged care facility.

With the help of Royal Freemasons Home Care, Marcello Paoli was able to live at home with his wife Yolanda, right up to the end of his life.

The couple began receiving assistance from Royal Freemasons Home Care in 2020, when Yolanda’s lung disorder worsened and Marcello was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Marcello and Yolanda’s daughter, Emma, who organised the care, says, “Mum was unable to shower and Dad was pretty much just getting out of bed, having his breakfast and then going back on the couch or on his recliner. He couldn’t do very much.”

With advice from Specialist Care Managers Diwani and Jill, General Case Manager Kathleen arranged for a personal care attendant to help Yolanda with showering each morning, a physiotherapist to treat Marcello’s mobility issues caused by the cancer, and a podiatrist for his feet.

Having the physiotherapist and podiatrist come to Marcello’s home was a great support to Emma, who was unable to transport him to appointments on her own. “It was great to have those services coordinated and coming to Dad’s home because it was just so hard to get him out of the house. He was unable to move with the cancer,” she says.

Kathleen also organised for their home to be regularly cleaned, the gutters cleared and the garden maintained. “My father was just so proud of his garden and devastated when he could no longer work in it. He loved his olive trees,” says Emma.

Sadly, Marcello passed away in June this year after developing an infection that his body could not fight. But he was at home, just as he wished.

“Dad always said to me, ‘I want to die at home, Emma. You must promise me.’ I am so glad I was able to keep that promise, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the support we received from Royal Freemasons.”

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