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When you have suffered an injury or setback, we know you want to recover as quickly as possible to regain your health and to stay living at home for as long as you can.

Our Wellness Service incorporates the Commonwealth Home Support Program previously known as Day Therapy. This program is available to all Victorians over the age of 65 and offers a wide range of modern rehabilitation programs, allied health services and treatments including:

The aim of the program is to keep you living in the community for longer, delaying the need for residential aged care.

This support is ideal when you have:

In particular, this program helps if you need to receive a specific type of rehabilitation to ensure a speedy recovery. There is a small charge for the service and, if you are living at home, we can assist you with transport for a minimal contribution. We will focus on restoring independence and improving your general health in a setting that is stimulating, supportive, challenging and fun.

Before you even arrive at the Wellness Centre we will assess your specific needs and develop a treatment program to meet your individual needs. A letter from your GP will be required for medical clearance.

Every program or group we provide is designed to improve your quality of life and promote your confidence and self esteem.

We will help you re-engage with your local community, assist with any potential pain management and help you avoid a fall.

Who qualifies for Day Therapy?

You will need to be over 65 and able to transfer with minimal assistance. A referral from your local GP or health practitioner to the Manager of Wellness Services is recommended, but not essential, to access the services.

For further information contact the Manager-Wellness Services 03 9452 2307.

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