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Enjoy a life of comfort and care within a community of like-minded individuals.

When the time comes to assess your ability to live independently, or when family members need to consider care options for a loved parent or relative, the choices can be overwhelming.

The Royal Freemasons difference

We understand that you are seeking a home where you will feel safe, comfortable and content. We know older Australians need to live in a secure, dignified and rewarding environment and it is this knowledge that makes us different – we really do strive to meet and exceed your individual needs, with respect and honesty. Royal Freemasons offers a range of accommodation options for elderly Victorians of varying financial means. We follow a model of care, which promotes:

No matter how well you are feeling, we can provide support as your needs change. Often, you will not need to leave the residential aged care home. Sometimes it might be a real relief to do so. We will work with you to find the right solution for you.

Let’s have a look at a few of our residential options.

Residential care facilities - Metropolitan Melbourne

Our seven facilities provide care and specialist secure dementia care for over 600 residents. We offer families and friends the comfort of knowing their loved one is able to live in a secure, companion single room with ensuite bathroom. Our residents will experience quality care while feeling secure in a familiar environment.

We offer a wide range of social and cultural activities and serve delicious, home cooked meals in elegant surroundings. Our residents enjoy spacious communal areas and gardens, and friends and family are encouraged to visit. We believe in working with family and other informal carers in a spirit of open communication to ensure customers needs and aspirations are understood and form part of the agreed plan for care.

Residential Transition Care program

This program, operated for Alfred Heath, is located in Coppin Lodge at Coppin Centre. It offers residents the opportunity to recuperate from a hospital stay in a more home like environment , outside the hospital system. At the same time, residents will have access to a full range of medical, nursing and allied health services required to help them make a speedy recovery.

Coppin Centre

Many Victorians will be familiar with Coppin Centre our residential aged care site situated next to the Alfred Hospital. Coppin Centre offers residents the chance to age in place in their new home without having to move if their care needs change.

We accommodate 210 residents at Coppin Centre and offer:

It’s important that we are able to meet the different care needs of our residents. Some seek an active and rewarding social life while also wanting the reassurance of subtle but attentive care should it be required. There are individual and group activities alongside a regular calendar of outings to events and attractions around Melbourne. Others may seek privacy as well as professional support.

Coppin Centre offers Wellness Services incorporating the Commonwealth Home Support Program (previously Day Therapy) an extensive range of credentialed General Practitioners and specialists such as:

And behind the practical range of on-site services is a dedicated team of highly trained staff members who know each and every resident and care for their individual needs.

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