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Customer Stories

"I moved in to Royal Freemasons in Bendigo
and I have been very happy and contented."
"There is this beautiful warm feeling as soon as you walk into the building."
"We love the spaces here. They are big and inviting. We love it."
‘Anne Graham is an artist in residence’.
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‘Pat Eileen Skillern thanks Royal Freemasons’.
Read more about Pat’s story....
"We are well supported and we have beautiful meals."
"They treat us like a King and Queen."
"A lovelly place to be."
"I am happier and they treat me well."
"I loved it from the day I arrived."
"They really take care of me."
"The staff, they are wonderful. I go out a fair bit."
"I chose Royal Freemasons. I love it. It is just the right size."